L'Académie de Danse Singapore

Founder & Director: Maud Tolédano

D.E. French Ministry of Culture for Classical Ballet Training

Over the past decade, l'Académie de Danse Singapore has taken numerous talents throughout the world under its wings! Students start out from as young as 3 years old, and enjoy quality dance lessons taught by passionate and dedicated dance instructors, not just in Ballet, but also in Jazz and Contemporary classes. Our school follows the French syllabus and to keep our high standard and quality of dance, our teachers undergo regular pedagogical training sessions.

Here at l'Académie, we strongly believe that the most conducive environment for students, is where they are happy and are encouraged to strive for the best. Our teachers pay utmost attention to the students' emotional needs and spirit, without neglecting the technical aspect, allowing for such an environment to be created and letting students at l'Académie flourish as they learn dance.


Having trained a diversity of dancers from different backgrounds and ethnicities from all over the world, has given our teachers at l'Académie a greater sense of consideration for each and every single one of them!


It has been our greatest joy, pride and privilege to be able to share our passion with all of them!

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